coming to a sudden halt

Well the top part is all done!!! I know next time if I make one I will definitely use a different wool. I used 'Cleckheaton, Country 8ply', which is 100% pure wool. I think it is too soft and it would have been better in something more on the side of cotton or another fiber.
Something that I need to investigate further into and become more familiar with is other fibers than wool.
I know there is a lot but haven't come into close personal contact with. Apart from alpaca, which I quite like.
Next problem is the brim, I don't know how to start it, there is no mention of casting on so maybe I pick up the stitches from the cap. If there is anyone out there who knows please feel free to post.
Oh and as you can see Pink Bunny grew a leg!

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Grace said...

so you too are a Gold medalist. Congratulations! I finished my sweater yesterday and then couldn't find a working camera to take the picture. Luckily Mom's camera wasn't totally dead and she was able to come over to take ONE picture.
Now to make Rogue for my daughter and an Eris cardigan for me... plus I have to finish ONE slipper for me as well as finish a hat for my niece.


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