stitch markers

I made these today!

I'll have to road test them too see if they get caught in the wool or not.
I used a couple of store bought beads and wire but the majority of the beads where from jewelry that I had kept over many years but had broken. I didn't want to throw them away
as they had sentimental attachment and in the back of my mind I always thought that I would use them for something.


Sharon said...

They look lovely, did you twist the wire to get it twisted or did you find bits like that? I am curious as it looks good and if you can buy them I will have to try find some.

Elspeth said...

They are so cute! I was admiring some gorgeous (but expensive since I can technically make them myself) stitchmarkers at the Stitches West conference and yours look just as good!

Sharon said...

I am such a bad influence aren't I ;) Can't wait to see your first socks, the yarn is gorgeous isn't it, wait till you feel it.


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