Garters at long last

 Karren showing a bit off the red garter!

These are the garters that I knitted while I was away.  It's been about three months since I finished these and am able to look at them without feeling nauseous! The first pair I made went by relatively easy but for some reason this time around I almost went out and bought one from the "Two Dollar Shop"!!!
 At least they looked nice when finished, they fitted the bride was happy and they didn't fall off as she walked down the isle!  Will I make another one...hmmmm...where did I put that vintage crocheted garter pattern?


Jen (pieKnits) said...

Oh but they turned out so wonderful! Love this in the red. I attempted making a lace garter for my wedding when I first started knitting. Yeah that did not work out.

BlackCrow said...

Thank you Jen! You should give them another you've been knitting for a while???


Ooooh la la ... these are nice

I will think of you when I am doing my winter calendars ;o). It was lovely to hear from you xo


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