We have a bun in the oven!!!!

Oops I meant Bunny, :) We haven't named him yet. he is very cute and the cats so far are bemused by him. Well maybe that is not the right word Ned was OK with him until bunny started to hump him!! I don't know much about bunnies other than they like to chew electric cables and books. We've bought him a nice mix of bunny grains for him that he seems to love. He also has a fondness for nasturtium leaves and apples!

He is quite a strong little bugger, those back legs and claws could do some damage. At the moment he lives in the laundry but gets to go out into the yard everyday for a huge run and dirt bath! Pig is starting to build him a hutch so he will have a proper home!

Any bunny advice welcomed!!

Oh and this little bunny will not be making it into the oven!


tilcheff said...

WOW! :D :) :)

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

We had a house bunny for a year and a half. They can be litter trained if you catch them young enough. They will chew on anything. Ours died after chewing on a pack of matches a house guest lost on the floor.

Happy bunny kisses.

Sincerely, Euphoria

BlackCrow said...

poor bunny , Lady Euphoria! thanks for letting me know about this though. Bunny is using his litter tray but every now and again he gets very enthusiastic and poos randomly all over the floor. They are pretty hard and easy to clean up though.:)
Yes Nickolay WOW indeed!! And you will get to meet him soon!!

Rosey said...

I know I've already seen the photo, but AWW the bottom one is so cute and cuddly! And since I'm here, another bunny tip (and maybe better to write it here for reference), lots of dry Oaten Hay (not straw) is the best for bunnies digestion. The most important thing for rabbits is they need to constantly have fibre passing through their gut (I didnt' know this and that's how my first rabbit died, when she got impacting in the gut). Rabbits won't get fat on Oaten hay, plus old/used hay can be thrown into the garden where the oats will grow and bunny can eat the fresh green stuff when it sprouts too (although that may give bigger stinkier poos). Oh, and another odd fact, once a family friend gave their rabbit avacado leaves/scraps which turned out to be poisonous and lethal.


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