buttons are a flu remedy

this flu isn't much fun but at least I can still knit. The weather is improving and it's been hot outside apparently, but inside I'm rugged up with my cardie and blanket! Just dropped 2 more pills hoping this will do the trick so I can get back to work soon. Mother's garlic tea remedy doesn't seem to be working.
I started this very cute bootee pattern the other night, and do you think with all my buttons I would have 4 that would work!!! No such luck. I just have to track some pink buttons down, not that I mind too much, buttons are good therapy!
The green cap is part of the Pea pod baby jacket set I knitted a few weeks ago. I've started a few other projects like Sheldon, the turtle and a couple of crochet fingerless gloves and necklaces. I'm also trying to teach myself to Tatting but I think I need to get my brain back before I tackle this again.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I love so the bunny sitting next to the booty. So like one I had as a child. An old toy that was much stained, fixed and button eyed. It felt good just to see it in my bed at night.

Thank you for the walk down memory lane.

Good luck with the Tatting. I find it the most portable craft. It was at one time called church lace because so many women made it while sitting and listening to the preacher. I like having a bit of lace in my pocket.

Sincerely, Euphoria

inkberryblue said...

That hat is so cute!
...as is your photo with the bootee, buttons and bunny. =]
I hope you start to shake off the flu soon.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Love the hat! What a luscious colour.

My cousin tats and tried to teach me once. It didn't go so well...think I'll stick to knitting. Hehhehheh!


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