bub, bib, bib, bibs

Busy, busy, busy that's all I can say when people ask me what I've been up to!
Well it's Xmas time and as I made my pledge last year to only make and buy hand made and this takes time, but it's time well spent!
I went on a little bib making frenzy, they are so easy peasy to make and I love rummaging through my fabric stash finding just the right pattern to use for so and so's little bub!
Some of the fabric I bought online from japan and others are from local shops.
The little doll is off to Austria next week to stay with one of my relatives little daughter!
I've so many other things on the go that I had to take over the lounge, poor BF has to sit on the tiny space I left for him on the sofa to eat his dinner. the poor cats a shooed off their regular sleeping spots as I've had to use all surfaces to lay things out on.
Well I best get back to it as I'm sure that BF's and the cats good will will only be stretched so far!!!

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