still in the pink

Boo!! Yes I know I've been bad, very bad not blogging or replying to posts, not leaving a gone fishing sign, not a word or a peep. Nothing!!

What can I say? Work has been draining my creativity quite a bit, and where before I was able to indulge in many things a few creativity's had to be put on hold. Knitting was one thing that I hadn't been able to enjoy for a while....maybe it's the over whelming stash and UFO's strewn around my studio?

Last night after deciding not to clean up the studio I spied a bag of bright pink wool beckoning me to come closer! I didn't resist and a few moments later I was riffling through old pattern books and came across a pattern I had downloaded 2 years ago...Ropes and ladders scarf by Jennifer Tallapaneni, perfect!! So now I'm 28 rows into the project!

And I must apologize for not showing of my prize from PenCraft, not in shot is a daily planner..hmmmm I've put it away till next year:) and this lovely yarn just begging to be socks!!The yarn comes from Cat Mountain Fiber Arts, it is hand dyed superwash merino wool. 480 yards!! colour is "Evergreen"....YUM YUM!!

Thank you again!!

Now I'm off to disappear into the studio if you don't hear from me here you may find me either here, here, here or here!!

I'll promise I'll start visiting my neglected blog buddies soon too!!


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

all is forgiven - we all know what a nuisance daily life can be when we are trying to have a go at the really important stuff (knitting!)
lovely scarf, and lickable yarn!!!

PenCraft said...

I saw that you had a link and came over to take a look. Lovely scarf and great picture of the yarn. But, what I fell in LOVE with are the darlings at your Etsy shop--especially Jess.


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