My first ETSY sale!!!

How exciting was it to get up this morning and checkout how my little Etsy shop was going and to find that Little Flossy Bunny was sold!!

She is on her way to Denmark!!!

This morning too I've a appointment with Sona Gallery. I'm hoping that they'll exhibit my little stuffed Naive art dolls. What a morning...I better get out of my dressing gown and scrub myself up a bit before meeting the public!!


Katt said...

YAY on the first sale!! Its very exciting when it happens isnt it?

I hope you get many more!

I can understand why that little cutie sold too! very sweet


Katt said...

forgot to say i hope your appointment went well! :)

2paw said...

Congratulations, that's very exciting!! Hope the exhibit meeting went well!!

inkberryblue said...

She's such a sweet little thing.
You must feel so happy.
(Are you selling any amigurumi, like your quirkily cute little doll that had measles and nails for hair?)

blackie said...

congratulations!!! Good luck at Sona...your stuff is way better than the things I've seen in their window so far


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