happy hooking

I've been wanting to make this forever and finally have got around to making one. The wool is Jo Sharps Aran Tweed...just love it! I've not seen anyone use Jo Sharp to crochet with, I could be wrong but I did search on Ravelry and didn't find any saying they've used it.

I didn't do it exactly to the instructions as I couldn't work out how one flower attached itself to the other, so I'll just join them up individually. Last night I sewed in all the loose threads, phew!

I also started 'The Garland Scarf' from Indie Knits, I bought that pattern ages ago. Its a little hard to understand and the pictures could have shown a little more detail. But even if the way I've crocheted it is wrong I still like the way its turning out.

And look what the cat dragged in!!! Poor little mite!! I was able to rescue her from the jaws of certain death and put her in a shoe box to rest. I think one of her legs is damaged but she can fly.

This morning I set her free into the bush just a few blocks from my place. She took off and disappeared into the trees. I stayed a while and listened and was totally amazed at just ho many little twittering I heard and the flaps of wings, although I could hardly spot any birds, they are so well camouflaged. But I was reassured that she was in good company...well except for the crows, but then I'd rather a native critter eat her than a silly domesticated cat! I'm off to buy Ned a cow bell to tie around his neck!

robin in a box

Other new's is that I sold my second little bunny!! Ole is headed for the USA!! At this rate I might have to set up breeding programs!


2paw said...

Lucky little bird. Cats are very tricky, they can sometimes learn not to ring their bells too. I saw a blue bib contraption on The New Inventors.
Love the crocheting, regardless of whether the pattern is 'correct' or not!! Nice green!!
Excellent bunny sales!!

BlackCrow said...

Thank you 2paws!
Those cats certainly are naughty..must have a look at this blue bib online!

Katt said...

aaw what a cute little bunny! hoping he loves his new home. you are doing very well with them in your shop :)

crochet pieces are pretty

its hard to keep wild birds alive after they have fallen out of nests or cats have had them..i hope she does well back in the wild and survives.


Piroska said...

Love the colours you used for the scarf, it's so pretty!

BlackCrow said...

Thanks, I've quite a bit left over I might make another scarf!


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