Have a guess and win a prize!!

peck, peck, peck!!
Lucky prize to who ever guesses where I was last weekend!

Go have a go its easy!! Little black crow needs some space in her studio and has to unload some stuff. Win a original lino print of 'Nelson', the black cat.

More giveaways later, so stay tuned!


emsy said...

Erm, a poultry show?
Some of those chickens are so cute, I want chickens bad but I reckon my dog would eat them.

BlackCrow said...

Your the winner!! Well done...and you guessed it right the first time...were you there too??
What gave it away??
email me your address and I'll post off the print asap on monday!

my address is littleblackcrowatnetspacedotnetdotau

inkberryblue said...

That's a gorgeous lino print.
I may not have won it but I'm inspired by it!
(I love the smell of warm lino. =])
There's a give~away on my blog too, if you'd like to take a look.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, look at all the chickens! wonderful. isn't it amazing how different and crazy and unique they all are?

beautiful print. i heart nelson! =)


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