indiknits harvest garland scarf

Garland scarf is finished and even though I'm not sure I fully understood the pattern I'm happy with the result.
The yarn used in the original pattern was a multi coloured Peacefleece or Karaoke, but I didn't have any so I used 4 different colours manly Jo Sharps Aran Tweed and one unknown purple wool.

When I first saw this scarf at knitpixie, I thought the berry's where little balls and not open like this...which makes me want to experiment with a few of my own variations.Notice the colours are the same as my garden scarf, I've still quite a bit left over which is good cos' I love the colour combinations.....maybe some granny squares or the 'Luncheon Date Hat'?

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2paw said...

Gorgeous scarf, love the colours, though I don't think it would keep my neck warm. I think I have seen a felted scarf like this somewhere.
Yes, Make The Hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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