wedding garter update

the joys of knitting with tiny eye sights gone and I have a constant tingling in two fingers. Just 7 more pattern rows to do.
Looking forward to blocking it. I found a startch recipe online...1/2 cup water and 1 tablespoon of cornflour. Simmer on stove till clear. I hope this works I haven't seen 'spray starch' sold anywhere.
Glutton for punishment I down loaded a couple more garter patterns...they where cute!
Theres been a lot of bottling and grating of zucchinis at our house in the last couple of days...when will it end, who planted so many @#%$! zucchinis!


2paw said...

I saw your lovely cookery!!! Do you have a surfeit of zucchini??!!!
Very nice garter. I haven't seen spray starch either. I know you can use sugar for 'setting' crocheted 3D things but I don't think that would work for a garter!!!!

Vintage said...

I have knit two wedding garters this year already. All you need is a good hot steam iron and some Crisp or Fabulon. Spray your lace good and proper, and gently iron, steaming well so it blocks nicely. It'll take about 10 minutes, and you'll need to give it a decent spray about 3 times. I did mine in a Perle 5 cotton and it worked a treat.

BlackCrow said...

we had stuffed zucchinis last was yummy though!
Thanx for the tip vintage...I know Fabulon, my mum used to use it, probably still does...I'll ask her.
Where can I see your garter pics?

Vintage said...

If you're in Ravelry, my username is VintageGrrl, otherwise..



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