Day 5 4 just seemed to go on forever and day 5 was nearly a non event untill about 4 in the afternoon BF decided to go for a drive to the museum.
This is what we saw.......

a pair of Dodo's

and a

elephant skull!

A blurb about the exhibition, Fierce or Friendly is about humans and their fascination with other animals. A fascinating exhibition of zoological specimens, art and artefacts selected from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, the Museum of Old and New Art at Moorilla and other important private collections from around Tasmania.

If your a taxidermist recomend seeing this exhibition or if you have morbed interest for dead things.

It gives me the creeps a little being in a room with all these eyes watching you and knowing they where once breathing air like you but still it was fascinating.

Actually the museum guy was creepier and seem to be lurking around every corner with a wry smile.


2paw said...

I love the Museum. There used to be a big ship's wheel and yuo could stang up on some steps and 'drive' it looking over the docks!!! I liked the touch all the animal fur part and the paintings. Here, I like the dodos and I don't think I like the Museum man!!!

tilcheff said...

wow! Real Dodo. That is very... hmmm... unusual. Not sure whether I would like to go there.


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