mysterious Little Red Dress and friends

Little Red Dress....You can soon seem more of her and her friends at Etsy.
These little dolls have been in my head to make now for years and I'm real happy that they are finally getting out into the fresh air.
It's been a while since I put anything up there to sell but you know how it is with work taking up much of your life there is only so much a person wants to do when they get home. But bit by bit these little dolls grew into reality.

All the dolls stand on a varnished wooden base.


2paw said...

Oh these are very mysterious indeed. Are the calico and then 'varnished'?? I know this is probably not the right word or product, but she look aged as if she has lain forgotten in a cupboard and then been found again. Not worn out, but definitely loved!!!

BlackCrow said...

that's exactly right Miss 2paw :)

Yes they are made of calico.
The drawings at the back are mine from 40 years ago....some things never change!


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