look at my feet

I finished the second sock last night I was sooo happy even though I had trouble again with the 'Kitchener stitch' which I used to graft the toe bits together. But I like this stitch as its a neater finish than the three needle bind off!
So what do you think Katt , did I do your Denim Girl justice?
I have still some Denim Girl left I'm wondering what to do with it.....maybe a Jess Hutchinson snake???
I have 2 more pairs of socks on the go both 'Jaywalkers' and there lookin' good. I thought I was going to start another pair whilst watching Doctor Who but I soon realized that I only ordered the sock wool last week and it hadn't arrived yet....ahhhhhh poo!.


2paw said...

Your socks look wonderful!! The cable rib pattern looks really good with the striping wool from Katt!! Grafting toes does get easier. At first I had to read the instructions every time, now I just chant K P P K in my head, and it is the nices finish!! Oh, you are maybe knitting the Block of Chocolate sock pattern I made!!! I am so excited!!!

Katt said...

LOVE how they turned out! You did a fantastic job...

Just hope you love them! You did well.

Yes I found kitchener stitch hard to start with but now have mastered it after several baby practice.



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