hugging the porcelin

I didn't even make it to the drink with the cherry, I hadn't quite realized what BF had put into the green drink....Avocado Daquiri with grapa!
You see I was still weak from a dose of moon flu which I'll take that was my birthday present from Sev....thanks MATE!
Maybe it was fortunate that I had my technicolour yawn before the morning as I was sort of ok to go to work yesterday.
Thanks for all your B-day (more toilet humor....get it ....b-day?) wishes!

I'm expecting a large parcel from my mum tonight.....which is always a little daunting.
You'll see!


Jana said...

That grappa is killer stuff! I was obsessed with it when I went to Italy b/c I had just read 'Farewell to Arms' by Hemingway and they're always drinking grappa in that book. So I tried it there. By tried I mean I touched a drop briefly to my lips and realized I might have an easier time drinking turpentine!!! That stuff is so strong! But that's what birthdays are for I think. Cheers, hope you had a great one and are feeling better!:)

Severina said...

Ahhh, moon flu, the gift that keeps on giving. And you thought I hadn't sent you anything!

Katt said...

I hope you are feeling better now hun! you poor thing!



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