some finished some not so finished!!

Sev's 'FrankenMitts, take two!!
Oh and while your visiting Vintage stitch-O-Rama, check out her 'Pretty Undies'!

Measuring 14 x 17 inches with the strap width at 3 inches this tote is ready for felting!!
The wool is Manos del Uruguay which was supplied by the lovely Jana..during the heady days when she was my secret punk pal!

from Naughty Needles......blush!

The early stages of a glove...the pattern is from a 50's knitting magazine.
It has cute little cables and a picot edge.

I've been knitting this one at work during lunch its a cardigan from the latest Jo sharp magazine. The colour is 'Paper Rose' and I just love it...smells nice too! Looking forward to wearing it as its getting rather 'nippley' outside.

From the 'Happy Hooker' 'Short and Sweet'. Can't wait to finish this one!

And finally but not last the beginning stages of more fingerless mittens made from Katt's lovely hand dyed sock wool that I bought off ebay. Knitted with tiny size 2 bamboo needles that I picked up from the Sunday markets a while back.


2paw said...

Oh look at all your excellent projects!! Is that bag from MagKnits?? I made the little swatch purse. You've knitted so much in your lunch hour!!!

Katt said...

have you split that Girl Denim? Or is that how long the colour rows are working out?

I do like what you are doing with it! Never would have thought they would have ended up fingerless mittens!!

I got some new colours made up too (3 on my blog 2 or 3 to come) if you are interested in more!! lol

Love everything else you are doing! Very talented in gorgeous colours.

love the little chicken critter! so CUTE!


Piroska said...

I'll be interested to see how your Short and Sweet turns out. I'm in the middle of making it in a rather violent turquoise cotton, and I'm on my second go after making it in size M and having to frog the whole bloody thing as it was way too small! Perhaps is stretches out somewhat with blocking?

blackie said...

holy crap! how do you keep track of all those projects!!!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, i adore the critter. must. make. one. !

i think i want that naughty needles book ~ do you like it?

heehee--you said "nippley"


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