I felted

It was like magic opening up the washing machine lid to see what happened to my bag It worked, it actually worked! I'm so excited, I want to felt everything!!! Where's that FAT KITTY!!!

Certainly could do with some felting! Lazy little sod!

So the bag now measures 10.5 x 14 inches and the strap width is 1.5 inches, wow that's a lot of shrinkage! Actually just reading the instructions I may have over felted it. Something that I will have to be aware of next time. I guess that's why I've some instructions say to check the felting every now and again and take measurements...DOH!
She certainly is a tough little bag and I'm sure it'll take my usual stack of books, lunch box and all that other crap I lug around with me on a weekly basis.
The pattern is from 2005 fall issue of KNITSCENE, and is refered to 'Hobo Bag'.
Notice the black ends of the strap? I ran out of the Manos del Uruguay with just 4 inches left to go. I doubled up some black Jo Sharp 100% DK wool and added it to both ends. This too felted and blended in nicely.
So what can I felt up next..hmmm maybe a little black purse or those felted 'fuzzy slippers' from Knitty!


Jana said...

The bag looks great! I'm so glad you liked the Manos, I thought the colors were just awesome. Please don't felt Mr. Fat Kitty though! Even if he did take to felting I"m not sure how much you could carry in him! Those fuzzy slippers are really cool. I might have to try them myself!

2paw said...

Thanks for the pattern information, it looks great!!

Katt said...

Bag looks gorgeous! I love felting things! Have done a felted bag in ages though. Really gotta make more..


Sharon said...

Love the bag, felting is fun.

What an adorable cat but I don't think he would like the washing machine ;)


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