new little project

I've started making these little antique like flower brooches. Hoping to start up a online shop with ETSY. If anyone would like to leave a little feedback letting me know what they think of them.
They come in a variety of colours and two sizes.
The larger size (7cmx7cm), could be use for a hair clip or to clasp around a scarf and the smaller sizes (4cmx4cm), as a little brooch.
They are quite firm and covered in a gloss varnish.


2paw said...

I like your brooch, it really caught my eye. The crinkly antique look is lovely.

Terri said...

I think they would be lovely. Nice sizes too. :o)

BlackCrow said...

thanks I'll keep everyone updated when and if I get a little shop happening.

Katt said...

They look fantastic!

Really eye catching.


Sharon said...

I love your work, you are a true artist.

Good luck with your etsy shop, I have been tempted to do that myself (one day).

Blackie said...

cool! what about making some plain circle shapes too in the same style for people who aren't very flowery??

BlackCrow said...

Ohhh I've other ideas for non flowery people;)

Obsidian Kitten said...

ooooh---so beautiful

love the antiquing (the crinkle finish)


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