my space

It's been a busy but fun week. As the GreatPunkRockGift Exchange is in full swing, I've been busy rummaging around town for stuff for my pal. It can get pretty expensive as I was buying 'one for her two for me, three for me, none for her, two for her....all the rest is mine'.
hee hee hee!
I can't say too much as she maybe lurking around.
But my pal has sent me a lovely card with lovely sentiments...EVEN FOR FAT KITTY!
Thanks secret know I've been trying to guess who you are?
I think I need to get out more my studio seems to have a life of its own. I buy so many storage containers and spend hours folding material away and colour coding my wool but I just have to turn the other way and its all over the place again!!
You know what they say about never look inside a girls hand bag....I think that should apply to a girls studio.
I wonder too if this resembles what's going on in my brain..YIKES pretty kaotic!

last week
See storage containers and nice red filing draws.....I am organized, NOT!

this week
new sewing projects on the go, what's that on my laptop!!


Blackie said...

ok you win, that is messier than my garage!

Katt said...

oooh i wish i had the room for a mess like that!! I just have mine in bits and pieces in the lounge...bedroom...and the girls playroom/sunroom.



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