playing with felt

Very dusty and quite tricky material to work with.
Her hair isn't quite finished yet, need to investigate a bit further how to approach this....Any ideas?
But I'm happy with the end result and has given me some ideas!


Katt said...

LOVE it! as for the hair..dont really know...havent worked with making toys with felt.


msfortuknit said...

OMG She is adorable!!! That has got to be the cutest felted toy ive seen to date! Nice work! By the way, the artist in your picture, who is that? Its great!

BlackCrow said...

I might make the hair out of wool.
I've been thinking about how to do it all night.
Hi msfortuknit, thanks for your comment:)
If your asking about my little id icon it's one of mine. I'm working on a Grimms brothers story 'the hand from the grave', and this little black water colour came out of that.
Oh I had a peek at your site, boy so much to look at!

Daisy said...

these are really pretty! :) I don't really know much about making toys with felt; I only make knitted ones.

msfortuknit said...

You have fantastic art work! Its just incredible!!
Really really nice work! Can you tell that I dig it? haha.
As for my page, tell me about it I know its super busy and theres just so many links!! Im a whore for them what can I say, hahah speaking of, Id love to add your page (if I already havent)

As for the hair on this little beauty do you have some black wool that you can curl or something of that nature?

Again great great taste!

Obsidian Kitten said...

She is fabulous! I'm in love with her, lol

I'd try wool, too, there's even curly sheepswool. I do some needle-felting, I believe you could use felting needles with regular felt as well. They have little barbs that mesh the fibers together...

There's cheap ones here (it's US, tho):


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