night on the couch with fat kitty

We stayed up together last night, chatting, watching old movies and arguing over who was going to put another log on the fire.
It was very chilly last night.

She is very well behaved when she is asleep.
Can you see my first attempt at knitting socks?

Here is a close up! The pattern came from 'Creative Knitting' magazine, summer edition.
It has these cute little cable stitches.
The wool was purchased from 'LIVE 2 KNIT', it's called Antique Rose, 100% Superwash Merino - 4ply.
I now understand how so many people get hooked on knitting socks. However having said that I haven't come up to the heel yet:)


Shannon said...

So cute! I love your kitty! Your socks look like they are turning out great.

BlackCrow said...

thanks shannon....but I'm thinking of undoinghem as they are feeling as if they are going to betoo big:(

Terri said...

Hope you get your sock dilemna worked out. Sock knitting is fun. I love the heel part as I always feel I'm accomplishing somehthing when I finally get to the heel! :o)


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