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My first needle bag!!

I followed the instructions from the first Stitch and Bitch book, although I did forget to sew in the tie and I didn't add the little inside flap to stop the needles from falling out (even though miss twiss did remind me(oops):)
I'm pretty happy with it, and it serves its purpose well!
Now as you can see it does need more needles.

And this is the second one I made without instructions!

To get the right hight for this I only measured one of my needles and worked out what width some of the bigger pockets should be.
The length of the bag was dependant on what material scraps I had.
It ended up long enough to store not only my double pointed needles but also all my crochet hooks. I also left a bigger pocket at one end to store my needle gauge, tape measure and other odds and ends.
This time I did sew in the tie and put in a cover for the needles.
Oh and what can you see???
I found out that I had for some reason trippled up on size 06, 4.5, 2.75 needles!

Hello kitty's needles!


Terri said...

These look great! I need to make at least one of these myself (probably two). :o)

Michelle said...

love the hello kitty needle roll!! so cute!!


ferg said...

That's the next thing on my not-knitting list. I have so many needles , they are in a long tin holder but it would be really lovely to put my favourite pair of each size in a holder like that.
When, I wonder!
Cheers Gillian


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