on my size 7's

Anticrafts 'Ripe with Indecision'

Fat Kitty looks on nonchalantly as I try to make up my mind witch way to go?
This is a great pattern for remembering your 'Yarn Over's', it's not a very fast growing knit but once you get into the swing of it it's a lot of fun!
I'm using Patons TOTEM 8ply, in very similar colours to that on the instructions.
I'm still working on my 'Vegan Fox' scarf, head and legs to go.
My knitting group is on later today...hmm what to take with me?


Katt said...

What a gorgeous cat.

Lovely bright colours in your scarf there.

I have that problem with my knittin group every fortnight. What to take...what to take..


Michelle said...

very cute kitty. what is the pattern of the scarf you're knitting? looks very interesting


Dipsy Doodle said...

Your cat is so beautiful! And what a great scarf, the colors are so cheerful!
Dipsy D.

Sharon said...

Nice bright colours in Totem, my favourite Aussie 8ply which is getting harder to source these days :(

Lovely cat.

You might like to delete the comment from nit one perl two, it is spam and has been doing the rounds of knitting blogs grrrr!!!

Sarah e.Smith said...

Love the kitty is adorable. I also love your new needle bag as well great work!I am semi new to knitting and your blog has been a great read and source of inspiration :)

Kate said...

OMG - if the knitting and postcards weren't enough to wrap me up, I'd be totally sold on your cat. He's beyootiful. requires immediate chin scritching.

Thanks for the visit to my site. Last week's turn-out for SnB was a little quiet but I forgot to send reminders around (oops!). Not to mention that it's frickin' freezing in Wagga at the moment (literally). Next month might be better. Hmm.

BlackCrow said...

I knew fat kitty would grab everyones attention, that's why I don't post pictures of me:)
Thanx for the tip Sharon, I thought it was a little weird.

Thanks for the comments.


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