Their done!!!

My love hate relationship with these bootes is finally over!
These are a Debbie Bliss pattern from the 'baby knits for beginners' book.
YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE JOKING!!! I did work out eventually how the pattern works but the hardest part was sewing these dam things together to make the look neat.
Well they are in the woolwash soaking. I do wonder however if this design as cute as they look, will they stay on the baby's foot?


Terri said...

Very cute. Good for you for sticking to the pattern and getting them done. :o)

Katt said...

I do love those! I saw that pattern in a DB book. I wondered how well they would stay on too.

They look basic to knit but the sewing up was the confusing part for me so I gave them a miss..Maybe another day.



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