pagan update

I can see an end in sight!!! Finally after months of undoing and re reading the instructions and having friends help me out, I'm nearly done.
And you know the funniest thing is that had I known how these abbreviated instructions worked this jumper would have taken less than a week to complete!
So what next..oh I bought some beautiful books on amazon a few months ago and they arrived yesterday...Nicky Epstein's 'Knitted Flowers' and "knitting over the Edge'. Plus ' The Harmony guides 450 knitting Stitches'. So looking forward to this weekend!


Blackie said...

exciting times you are living in! might i be witnessing the birth of a pagan on saturday?!! see you this weekend!

Katt said...

cant wait to see it finished! Bet it is going to look wonderful

Dont you hate it when a pattern almost gets the better of you? I had one try it once with me! Had to get my mother to help me in the end. And as I was reading it to her it clicked.



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