jumping over hurdles

I'm not sure what was in my drink the other night that made me miss read the last bit of instructions for my hat and being half Austrian I was a little worried, but as it turned out the tests came back negative!
So I'm back on track and pleasantly suprised that I'm going to finish on time(I was never this good at any sport when I was at school).
While I was waiting for the results I finished Pink Bunny and casted on 144 lovely stitches for a baby blanket for a friend!


I'm going to love this project it's nothing but garter stitch, this is what knitting is supposed to be nice and relaxing. There's only one problem I don't get to use any of my stitch markers:(
I was thinking that maybe I should put some in just to keep me on my toes and not get too relaxed.
The pattern is from the latest Creative Knitting magazine, I'm using cleakheaton Country 8ply and as my friend knows that I'm still a bit of a punk goth I just had to knit this on black needles.

Oh yeah and look at my new toy , cute hey!!!

Alright I have a confession to make I'm a huge fan of Emily Strange, I subscribe to the news letter and I've succumed many times to their t-shirts and limb wear! But I love it!

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Arioch said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog! Your puppets are really nice! do you sell them? I wanna take one for me! : )


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