I'm finished, break out the champagne and chips!

See how happy I am, I really like this cap. I want to make another!
A big thanks to Yarn Harlot for instigating this phenomenal event and thanks to Shannita for the design!
Well now I can go back to my diet of pizza and beer until the next big challenge!


Sharon said...

I love the cap, you can wear it with pride.

Shannon said...

wow, I can't wait to make mine! My yarn is lost in transit! eek!

Elspeth said...

It looks great!

BlackCrow said...

I haven't taken it off!
I've worn it to work and my boss just rolls his eyes at me now as he is getting used to seeing me with my knitted beanies and scarfs and always has the same joke, 'I suppose their is a naked teapot somewhere getting cold'?


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