A Quick Look Back

Just a quick look back at some of my projects from last year, just to make me feel a little better as I have hardly any time to knit, garden cook or paint as work is pretty much full on:(
But I enjoy my work and I do get to play with coloured pencils and a big computer.
Some people don't realize just how tiring sitting at a desk all day staring at a screen trying to conceive endless characters and backgrounds is, it can be very draining both mentally and creatively.
I still haven't solved my knitting pattern mystery instructions but I have been asking around the LYS (all 2 of them, and I'm not counting spotlight!) and have heard there are a couple of knitting groups (they must knit in cave's as I've never seen any advertising for them), and one place, the Tasmanian Wool Shop, wants to start up a workshop, but is unsure how to get the word around.
If this place does it would be great, as it is in a fantastic location near the docklands, cafes and the best chocolate shop ever!


Sharon said...

I have been reading through your pattern question and after looking at the picture on KH's web site I am assuming there is a thread wrapped around a stitch which is why you sl 1 with yarn either in back or front depending on ws or rs. So that when you are on rs and you are to slip a stitch yarn will be in front and on ws yarn will be in front???

Sharon said...

oops that should be when on ws yarn will be behind.

BlackCrow said...

I thought that's what it meant, boy I never thought that this knitting stuff would be so hard...sheesh and I haven't even started on lace or socks!

Ok I'll try and try again, it is such lovely wool I'm worried that I'm going to ruin it by all my attempts at it:(

thanks Sharon, I'm sort of cheered up:/

Sharon said...

It isn't so much the knitting that is hard it is the designers, they write the patterns up a little strange sometimes as I think this one was. Socks scared the hell out of me for years and I wouldn't even attempt them, how silly was I, they're awesome fun.

Good luck with your hat, you WONT ruin it ;) I hope you can find a knitting group in Hobart, whenever I need some advice I ask at S'n'B and there is always someone who can help. You could always travel up North?? We would love to have you come along.

BlackCrow said...

Thanks Sharon, I might just do that one of these days:)


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