I've Been Busy!

Well I'm back at work now so not much time to knit or blog, boo hoo. :(me with my new cable needles and all:(
But I have had a bit of a go but been foiled at every turn, first there was the pink bunny which is still going but I didn't want him to be just a pink bunny I thought that maybe he would be a pink something else, I just wanted to know how to knit a some of those shapes.


Anyway I then started knitting my 'GRACE' beret, all was going well until row 3, (don't laugh), but I don't know what 'yarn forward' and 'slip next stitch purlwise with yarn at back' is supposed to look like!
I've looked through my small pile of patterns that I want to do but all have something in the instructions that I don't understand, sob sob.



Secret Pal said...

"Yarn forward" means to pull the yarn in front as if you were going to purl (I think) which would create a yarn over (another stitch with a hole). A yarnover is usually paired with a decrease to keep the number of stitches constant.

"Slip next stitch purlwise with yarn at back" means you keep the yarn at the back (as if you were going to knit next), and put the needle into the next stitch as if you were going to purl (in the front of the stitch) and just put it on the right hand needle, without working the stitch. This is only one stitch and does not increase or decrease the number of stitches, it just moves one across without knitting it. When you knit the next stitch (or purl, whatever the pattern calls for), the yarn you are working with will just cross over the slipped stitch. It's used in colorwork and also as part of a decrease (where you slip a stitch, work the next stitch and then pull the slipped stitch over).

Hope this helps!

Elspeth said...

Oops -- I guess if I ever get you as a Secret Pal person I'd better get a new email, right?!

BlackCrow said...

YIKE'S....I better read this when I'm fully awake sounds scary;)
Thankyou secret pal who ever you are!

BlackCrow said...

Hey secret pal if your listening, I gave it a go but don't think it looks right.
This is the exact instructions...' K1(K1, yfwd, K1) all in the ame stitch*sl 1, (yfwd, K1) all in next stitch, rep from* to last K1.
The abreviations for Sl 1 = slip next stitch purl wise with yarn at the back (WS on RS rows, RS on WS rows) of work.
I'll post this onto the knitting review forum and see what happens.

Elspeth said...

I think this is what's going on:

stitch 1: K1
stitch 2: K1 without completing the stitch, pull the yarn forward, K1 in the same stitch, which will create 3 stitches I believe -- the two knits and a yarnover in the middle
stitch 3: slip 1
stitch 4: pull the yarn forward and K1 which should create 2 stitches, the K1 and the yarnover
then repeat stitches 3 and 4 until there is one left, then K1.

This is a really weird sounding pattern, though, since it doesn't appear to have any holes from all the yarnovers. How many stitches ar in the row? Is this an increase row?

BlackCrow said...

OH BOTHER! I thought I was doing ok, I've knitted about 25 rows and I'm not happy cos' I realize now what I did wrong at the begining(I tried to cheat:() So I'll have to frog it!
To answer you elspeth... you cast on 55 stitches, the instructions I wrote were for row 3.
4th row is K1, k3 tog tbl,*sl 1, K3tog tbl, re from * to last K1.
Row 5(inc): (k2, inin next stitch) to last, k1. 73 st.
Do you think in row 5 it means to increase into every stitch?


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