My First List

Still on a big high after finishing my Berete, I was inspired to go through some of my pattern downloads and try an pick out a few projects that I'd like to give a go this year.
These are not in any order and I'm sure I'll be adding on a few more things.
This feels good, feels like I'm a bit more organized.

Flora Knitty
Danica Knitty
A Snow Balls Chance In Hell Anticraft
Ripe With Indecision Anticraft
Lacy Hair Tamer Web Knits (could do with on right now)
Mrs Beeton Knitty, cute fluffy little wrist warmers
Bad Juju Anticraft
Lace leaf scarf
News Boy Cap Stitch and Bitch Nation
Voodo Wrist Warmers knitty
Pagan Kim Hargreaves
Elizabeth Kate Gilbert this one will be for my mum
The Somewhat Cowl Knit and Tonic
Kate Knitty I want to make this with two heads:)
Very Tall Socks Knitty

Hmm seems to be a lot of scarfs and mittens there, I'll wear them and anyway winter is almost here.


Shannon said...

I have the cap from SNB nation on my list too! In black of course ;)

BlackCrow said...

hey mines going to be black too, I just learnt to cable today, so this is going to be my next project:)

Sharon said...

Wow I spend a day or two away from checking my favourite blogs and look what I miss. I love Grace she was definately worth the effort.

As for the tagging thing, I totally agree with you and I usually hate doing them but this one was kind of fun and besides I had the red wine thingy happening too, so everything seemed like fun at the time ;)


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