Grace's Grace

Now that it's all over I can't believe all the drama I had over YFWD or other wise known as YO, thanks to Fran from the Knitters Review Forum, who pointed that out to me, but the hardest part was knitting 3 st together TBL. But I think it was all worth it and I'm happy with the end result and it even fits me!
I have to say again thanks to all that took time out to help and write out notes for me your all great
I kind of miss it being on the needles which must mean that I better get another project going....oh yeah I almost forgot about BUNNY, where did he get too?


Shannon said...

It looks awesome!

BlackCrow said...

I haven't taken it off since I finished it this morning:)

ag said...

not bad knitting... considering the light... you know grace, i want one... all the other caps i have of yours are too small... and the purple and grey skull cap i lost in prague! :(

BlackCrow said...

what colour do you want ag?


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