Never ever ever Will I make anything for kids its not worth the effort, cost of the wool the disappointment of seeing your finished work tossed in a heap with the wrapping paper and covered in sweet sticky chocolate phlegm! YUCK!
I guess I did learn something though, never believe the size stipulated in the pattern, some kids heads can grow to the size of a watermelon in the matter of days!
Well at least I enjoyed making them I learnt some new techniques, and I thought they were cute even though the kid didn't!
Anyway another disappointment was that I didn't finish my DBF's mittens, but I wrapped them needles and all and promised to finish them for his birthday, which is boxing day.....yep today! I also had to confiscated my brothers mittens once he unwrapped them as I hadn't finished sewing in the loose ends!

Here they are finished, now I can give them back to him:)
He liked them so much and they fit perfectly, just right for his late night typing on the computer.

I was very excited with my sister's present, I knew it was something woolly that she found in Germany recently, but I didn't expect these beautiful balls of chunky khaki and white Schewe wool, yippee!!


All I need to do now is find something to turn it into.....hmmmm any ideas?
And Shane loved his bunny, so glad Zola didn't mention to him that he saw the rabbit on this blog.
My DBF gave me a fantastic present my very own knitting light!!! Now he can go to bed and not have the lounge light glaring down on him while he tries to sleep:)
So it was'nt all that bad, and now I have time to get stuck into the garden and work off my Xmas knitting butt;)

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Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

You lucky thing, I love Aussie wool and we are starting to get some interesting yarns but the international shops have some yummy ones and am just planning to buy some from Holland, Petticoat Opal wool is the first target.....but to help my imagination I am spinning and trying out some dying using jelly and food colouring thanks to the Yarn Magarzine.......Cathy


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