Get Outside!!!!

Haven't made it into the garden yet or out of my dressing gown for that matter;), but I just couldn't stop thinking about my next knit project, there are soooooo many!

I really want to start working with wire, but then there are all these woolly knits!
Here in Tasmania it is still pretty cold even thought the rest of Australia is in the high 30's. We even had the fire going this Xmas!
Anyway what to do......Or should I be cleaning up my room??


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hey Your room looks like mine,well its actually better, as Mine is spilling out of the bedroom cupboard,and the bags are piling up next to bed! (hubby has all his handyman stuff,like half a hardware store on his side!) at least my pile doesn't cripple me when I stumble over in the dead of night!
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! I have switched on the word verification thingy, our computor went through 2 harddrives so have been unable to do much to Blog but I am on a roll now.
PS Am already planning next Xmas pressies,anyway it gives me the excuse to add to stash,.....Cathy

ag said...

hey, how's the studio going? weren't you going to clean up yer work space, lil sis? :) i managed to put some order in mine and completed a 20 min video piece that's been nagging at me for just over 2 years... gosh, you've got lots of blogs!

BlackCrow said...

I even managed to get out into the garden!
thanx ag!
Cathy your husband sounds like my boyfriend.
I'm forever bumping into his tools and new furniture keeps popping up everywhere!
I can't believe your already planing for next Xmas!

I promise I will get out my watercolours and finish my illustrations!


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