alas poor Chauncey

See I have been knitting....
Trying to squeeze more hours into the day to do something pleasurable like knitting has been pretty tricky lately. My painting has taken off quite quickly I've had to exhibitions recently and a third on the way plus keeping up supplies to galleries that are selling my work!
I've also hit the market scene so the hours between sleeping and breakfast are reserved for making items to sell, like dolls and pin cushions.
I have been missing my knitting quite a bit so I figure those lost in minutes when one is procrastinating before starting the next painting  could be better spent knitting...and this is what I made Chauncey by Dee Brown.
I've been wanting to knit this guy up for a while now and because I've been sooooo good, finished on of my UFO's, I told myself that it was ok to sneak a new project in before finishing off another UFO!
As for my finished UFO I haven't managed to get a good shot of it on my head..might need to get an extra pair of hands to help! But as soon as possible I'll post up pic of my new hat! 
gotta dash!


Severina said...

*waves like a lunatic from the middle of a tropical storm*

I've been meaning to email or visit one of your blogs but this accursed novel has sucked away every last brain cell. I come home from work, stare at the computer screen, curse for a few hours, then go to bed. No knitting, no beading, no Etsy, just writing writing writing. And cursing. Lots of that.

Joli says hi to his mum, and he's safe from Grady's giant paws but he might want a friend or two to visit sometime!

I'll gather up my remaining bit of brain for a real email in the next couple days.


Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

omg the idiot that dwells inside me...I have you listed right on my blog, there was no need to loose sleep or pull out my hair.. whew..

MsFortuknit said...



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