happy knitted Xmas

Hey see what I've been knitting!! We didn't have a green tree this year we have one made from dead branches which I love but kinda missed that splash of Xmas green. I found this quick pattern on Ravelry and knitted up in some recycled wool that has been in my stash since I was a teenager! Topped it off with a handmade felted bright pink ball!
How was your knitted Xmas?
Have any knitted related plans for the New Year?


2paw said...

I love your tree, it is the perfect green Christ,as ornament!!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Miss Mousie,

I just love it. All sparse and plain. Just my kind of tree. I'm getting all tired of the 'more is better' thinking.

Ravelry you say? I'll have to go back there and take a look again.

Thank you for showing us.

Hugs, Euphoria

Bishop Stone said...

great tree. love the green.

Melinda said...



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