Mutti and swallow tails

Mutti and I knitting the 'Cap' n Crunch', scarf, by Jenifer Adams

We had a relaxing few days just knitting and chatting.
Which was just wonderful, as I was made to brush up on my German.
My mum is Austrian, and this was my first language.

edge before blocking

Swallowtail shawl, was finally completed even though it was a couple of days after my mothers birthday.

Edge after blocking

I had to improvise and use safety pins on the tips and attach them to the blanket.

As you can see my mum loved it, and proudly modeled it for me.
Doesn't she look lovely!
The weather was lovely, we all had a great time cooking, laughing, eating and reminiscing.
All of which makes it so hard to leave.


2paw said...

Your mum looks lovely and her loveliness is only enhanced by your gorgeous Swallowtail Shawl!!!

Bishop Stone said...

that shawl is soooooo nice. It looks so good on your mum. I also love your black skirt, very nice.

blue-monk said...

The shawl and Ma look great. Wonderful photo of Ma and you laughing together. Warms my heart to see her enjoying your company....can fully understand how sad it must have been leaving for the both of you.

inkberryblue said...

She does indeed look lovely.
It sounds like a beautiful holiday ~ I really like the photograph of you and your mum. (A close school friend of mine had a mother who came from Germany. She used to put the most delicious hazelnut cake into his lunchbox and, sometimes, if I was lucky he'd give me some. Yum.)

Severina said...

You two look like you had a wonderful holiday, all knittin' and chattin' and stuff. Yummy shawl and I love that black skirt too!

neil said...

Nice shawl. The design is superb. I am knitting a shawl for my grandma. I fond of knitting clothes.



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