happy Easter!

Have I mentioned how much I love Easter?? As I kid it was my favourite holiday. I loved the early morning egg hunt with my brothers and sister. My mum would stay up late into the night to colour the eggs and in the early morning hide them. I swear though I once saw a huge white rabbit with a basket hiding the eggs. Great memories! Anyway here is my little tin egg collection.
Have a wonderful Easter everyone and thank you to all those that pass by and post on my blog.


Mouse said...

What pretty eggs! Happy Easter to you too.. we're hiding eggs for my son tomorrow at his grandparents house- he loves it! My favorite part of Easter was always the food -- my grandmother always made ham, carrots, and traditional Ukrainian Easter breads & dishes.

2paw said...

Darn Blogger won't let me comment and I forgot to copy the text just in case. In an eggshell, lovely decorated eggs and I like Easter too. Hope yours is wonderful!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

I love the eggs...especially the rabbit on a scooter. Happy Easter!

Severina said...

Cool eggs!

We'd always go to my grandparents' on Easter and hunt eggs and eat way too much chocolate on top of the ham and other stuff.


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