teaparty with Lady Euphoria

Inspired by the invitation put forth by Lady Euphoria, I and other have joined her for a tea about it here.

No, Bunny this is not the set to Alice in Wonderland!!

To start the morning a short black set the scene.
How could I not invite my oldest friend Tony Curtis (Panda bear), to tea. We have been together for 40 years!
I'm thankful that he is still around.

Boiled egg with toasted soldiers! Yum. The egg came fresh from a farm near by.

I thought I was alone but still I felt I was being observed...sure enough Fat Kitty was spying on me from her look out!


The tea party was accompanied by my music box. About 40 years old too. Imagine the notes to the blue Danube played out of time and very slowly and spontaneous....just how I like my music boxes to sound! My new teapot gets its first day out. Yum Jam shortbread biscuits! What a morning I'm having!!
Another thing to be thankful for is organic Earl grey tea!

pretty petunias in bloom!

Bluest of blue sky!

Thankful to Crude Things for making me these sporty pair of bloomers!

Bottoms up!!

And look this must be Lady Euphoria's familiar come to visit!

Look at her lovely lace trim on her wings. A very goth moth!

Being such a cynic at the best of times I thought long and hard about what I was thankful for, however in the end it was pretty simple. Everything I have mentioned above from all the small frivolous things to that of family, friends and pets both here, over the wires and those that have departed.

As for whom I'm thankful for all these things well that's difficult and too long winded for me to discuss. Plus it would ruin the atmosphere of a lovely day and might upset a few readers....I'll leave that for another time:)

Thank you for dropping by we all had a lovey yummy time!!

Hope your tea party is going well Lady Euphoria and Mouse!


Katt said...

love the piccies!!

those socks rock :D

inkberryblue said...

What a gorgeous, whimsical, quirky post.
I especially like the bloomers shot. =]
Thank you for having me.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I woke up this morning to get things ready for my tea party to find you in the midst of your own. I wanted to climb through the computer screen and join you. I'm glad one of my familiars did make it half way around the world in time for tea. I'm glad you got to enjoy it outside in the warm weather and Mountain Man agrees.

It looks wonderful. Pretty flowers, old friend teddy bear Tony Curtis, new tea pot, heart shaped patch on your bloomers. I couldn't do it better myself.

I'm glad you could join me today.

Hugs, Lady Euphoria

Mouse said...

A goth moth? hee hee hee... I need to take some photos of my tea party and post them, though its nowhere as elaborate and beautiful as yours! I love the bloomers - I went over to the shop you mentioned and favorited a pair of long striped bloomers for myself!

Prunila said...

a really springful tea :)

Mouse said...

photos posted over at my blog..

vivian said...

what a wonderful little tea party you had! and you are a doll! love the pictures and your creative mind! makes me wish for sweet summer weather so I can go outside to play too. I actually am going out shortly to find a tree branch to bring in to hang some easter ornies on!

AwtemNymf said...

I love those socks and blooomers!!! How fun a post this was! And that is a BLUEST sky! Beautiful day! Enjoy!
*sprinkle sprinkle*
You've been Enchanted!


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