stormy seas!

When my eyes first glanced at Knit It Up, the 'Stormy Sea Scarflette', These lines from Poe came surging through me!
My visions where of shipwreck and famine; of death or captivity among barbarian hordes; of a lifetime dragged out in sorrow and in tears, upon some grey and desolate rock, in an ocean unapproachable and unknown. such visions or desires- for they amounted to desires- are common, I have since been assured, to the whole numerous race of the melancholy among men - at the time of which I speak I regarded them only as prophetic glimpses of a destiny which I felt myself in a measure bound to fulfil. The Narrative of Arthur Gorden Pym of Nantucket. Edgar Allan Poe.
Have you ever had an experience like that when viewing knitting?
What grabs you when you come across a pattern you like?
For me its the name first that hooks me in to take a look and then its the colour and if it goes hand in hand with the name ie, Stormy Seas is a cold grey blue colour, very reminiscent of storm clouds. And the look takes third place and if I can imagine myself wearing it. Stormy Seas uses Rowen Big Wool Tufty, which has the appearance of an aged cloth tied to a pier worn down by sea spray, wind and rain. How romantic!


2paw said...

Great stormy colour and you were so lucky to be able to find some. This was meant to be. Very atmospheric pictures too!!!

blackie said...

I know what the sneeze is for!

BlackCrow said...

hee,hee,hee :)


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