cramming in some knitting time

Now that the bunny's have taken off I only have my nights to cram in a bit of knitting.

I spotted this striped shawl at Interweaveknits and thought Yum I like that!

Its called Candy Striped Kerchief. I've knitted just over a meter in length and started the decreases. Fast, fun and not too much to concentrate on. What more could a midnight knitter want?

Already I can see myself knitting this in purple and green or orange and purple...or red and white........

A few weeks ago whilst in Ravelry in my Tim Burton knitting group I spotted an add for Jaquelyn Landry's Burtonesques needless to say 1 second later I had the the pattern downloaded and printed!

I've my eye on the Letterman and Zeebad , but for now I've enough on my plate!

The Burtonesque's are not for mindless knitting as you have to do a bit of counting!

I've only used a cheap wool as i couldn't find a nice wool in the right spotlight:(

I chose to knit it in pencil grey colours....F and 2B!!


2paw said...

I think the striped kerchief is wonderful, it has a kind of animation feel to it. I know that sounds strange!!! The actual pattern picture looks Cat in the Hattish to me. Nice armwarmers in pencil colours!!!!!

BlackCrow said...

ah yes it has been remarked as being Cat in the hattish!
I do feel a little woozey looking at the stripes sometimes.

blackie said...

please do your hair scissor hands style when you model the finished burtonesques for us


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