jaywalkers are finished!!!!

I wore them into town today with my runners on and boy did they get hot in there. I thought when I get home they probably will be all felted as it is 100% wool. But to my relief they where fine. I'm learning to get over the fact that the second ball I used didn't stripe the same way as the first, I tried several time to get the same result but had to give up in the end as it was never going to happen. Looking at the photo now you can't really tell anyway!
Now whats next on my UFO's to finish!!


2paw said...

You can't tell at all. I am terribly obsessive about my socks matching, but no-one ever sees them!! They're in my socks!! Your socks look great!!!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I think they look sweet!
Will you wear them today, or are you going to make me guilty by wearing your Jacobeans???

BlackCrow said...

I'm going to make you feel guilty.

Katt said...

i am with cindy i am obsessed with my socks matching..

yours look gorgeous! love how they turned out!!


BlackCrow said...

Thanks Katt...I was obsessed up until the 10th time I tried to get it striping the same as the other!


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