some nearly finished projects

Jaywalkers nearly ready to walk on their own.
I did undo the whole lot one day and try to work out a way I could match the rounds like the original. But it was impossible so I have to live with it. The colour is different too..maybe I should leave it out in the sun to fade a bit?

The Belladonna Sleeves from Anti-craft. I posted a question on Ravelry about how to knit the added increases. The pattern doesn't say wether to purl or knit it. Just to knit the pattern which is K2, P3. The increase is made at the end of the round after 3 purl stitches.
There are more increases latter at the same spot. I can't go on until I find out what to do...POO!

Fortunatly I have these to keep me busy..I'm sooo in love with the Blue sky alpaca 'melange', it so soft and makes a great sound on the that weird??

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