I nearly forgot that I had to down load this pattern when I arrived home after our S&B meeting..blame it on the coffee and yummy friandes. So it wasn’t till about 11 at night that I madly switched the computer and printer on and found the pattern. downloaded it, read it and then felt that sinking feeling…POO! I’ve never knitted toe up or used magic looping!…Switched everything off and began to sulk on the sofa. Then from the corner of my eye I noticed my bag of chocolate covered coffee beans, the ones I’d bought to keep me going during the pentathlon. I remembered too that I hadn’t wound my skein into a ball yet either so I madly rushed to do it listening to some fast paced music. Then I thought ‘ah what the hell its not midnight yet lets see if I can find some info on Magic looping’. Some one had posted a site on yahoo where you can watch a tutorial..of course it was on UTube.
After several goes I managed to cast on and work a few rows. Oooo this looks pretty..I almost finished my first pattern but just couldn't keep my peepers open and I’d finished all my chocolate coffee beans. Off to bed for me. march the 1st was also the first day of Autumn so I’m rather pleased with the colour as it has Autumn leaves written all over it. The pattern also goes well with this wool.


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Oooo, preeetttyyyy! I'm glad you picked the russetty one - it's looking lovely! Must get a move on - I finished the toe but ran out of daylight and free time to start the pattern (oh, and fought with the printer for each of the three pages - darn freebie)
In other sock news, the chocky looks nibblish, and I think the jaywalkers are quite pretty as they are - but if it bugs you tooooo much....don't ask me. I'm a Libran. Indecision is my middle name. I think.

blackie said...

blimey! when do you get time to eat/sleep/anything other than knit socks! You've done heaps. I hope amulet were ok with the size of our group. when I booked they said something about only having one person on and I got the vibe he was a bit peeved about being run off his feet....but maybe it was just my paranoia?

BlackCrow said...

Its not so hard plating up cakes and making coffee, even for 1.
I think he was ok.
The genral vibe was good,,,maybe thats just my wishful thinking.
I've way too much time and then none at all...off to bed


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