2paws, look at me 1paw

Chocolate block sock update..I've already had comments made to me by visitors dropping in how much they love the pattern..hmm maybe it was a hint that they want me to knit them a pair.
Since these knit up pretty quick (if I didn't have other socks on the go I would have been finished) maybe I will just to suprise them.
Looking forward to cosing the gap.
They're a good pattern 2Paw thank you for sharing it.
Doesn't the chocolate sock wool from live2knit look yummy?


2paw said...

Oh wow!!!!! They look fantastic!!! I am very impressed and chuffed!!

BlackCrow said...

you should be chuffed they're are great little pattern!

Katt said...

they look great!! very tempting for me to knit a pair perhaps...

BlackCrow said...

be tempted you know you want too, and its good for you.
I just finished the first one today!


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