sock wool arrived!

Since entering the 2008 sock Pentathlon I've been searching and searching for solid colour sock wool. I looked locally but all I found was stripes!
Online shopping it was then. I wish that more online shops would have a section just on sock wool or state what could be used as sock wool.
I found what I was looking for at Tapestry Craft, some very yummy 'araucania, Ranco solid'.
And I had to buy two because, well they just looked too good to leave behind.
Not as solid as I thought it was going to be I guess its because the way its been dyed.
The colour is absolutely vibrant and I believe it smells like candied orange peel.

Burnt orange


Green must be my favorite colour I just haven't admitted to it yet but boy do I buy a lot of it and when I look around my home green seems to be pretty dominant.Now all I have to do is wait for the 1st of March for the sock pattern and then pick which one to knit up.


2paw said...

Oh my word, that green is delightful!!!

BlackCrow said...

I swear it smells like mint and sage!


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