Day 4

I know, I know I posted day 4 and 3 together but all this uploading photo shopping takes time.
Day 3 was on Sunday and day 4 was yesterday so I may even post day 5 today!

I could explain that most of my days are longer than other peoples and last 48 hours instead of 24. Not having a routine seems to have put me out of whack a bit but I'm getting round to having some sort of plan and making a list of what I want to achieve during my time off. It is a little daunting. I really need do some book keeping and get buy my business name soon, I've noticed a few other people using 'LittleBlackCrow' name. grrrrr. Anyway, it was such a nice day outside Ned and I decided to have a picnic.(In my garden of course)what could be nicer than to warm up this mornings breakfast of heart shapped buttermilk pancakes with a strong black brew! Lay the blanket and bring out all the things I like doing...a book on chocolate to read, a sketch book to draw monsters and some knitting.
The 'Somewhat Cowl' progressed nicely and have slipped the sleeves stitches onto holders. I even woke up the green beastie! Chocolate block socks too was casted on, just for good measure as I need another UFO because the Green beastie will be finished soon.


2paw said...

What a lovely day. I Heart your Pancakes!!! Peri Naughty is much less kind to knitting!!! Oh, I will be interested to see The Somewhat Cowl when she is finished!

tilcheff said...

LOL LOL LOL for the last pic :) What a cool cat this Little Ned is!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I love your breakky picnic idea! I'd love to try it, though I fear I would be joined by two dogs and three children all keen to join in the fun!


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