silent poetry reading


I saw a star, I touched its key,
As 'E saw it: telepathy.
I clearly saw a star this time,
Down through the stack. 'E was blind.
'E looked at it, later on,
I’d seen that look, telep-a-thon.
I’d seen myself looking on:
Allo-telepathy, it’s been so long!

By pekinese, no, psycho-kinese,
Is how I tossed the dice with ease.
Bunched the bits to my own hopes,
But get that Universal Joke:
You won’t repeat this pretty dance,
No duplicate, no extravagance.
There’s plenty scope for old time chance.
The witches had more fun in France!

Noisy, noise is everywhere.
Ping-pong eyes, where will I stare?
Up at yon redness. My, I slide,
And slip into homogenous tide.
My imagery is not far gone,
Getting one, no - two, telep-icons.
Confuse me, yes, in judgement wrong -
Or was I sizely wished along?

What is this indivisibility
That is this parapsychology?
What more could ever now be thought
By Sidgwick’s SPR in court?
If not by Soal then Crookes it seems
We’ve creamed the source of factful dreams.
Psiology might linger on,
Or calm us karmically anon.

rod garton

1 comment:

deborah oak said...

wow. wow. wow. thanks for participating. the poetry keeps coming....and the great connections. This is some fabulous web of poetry being spun.


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