pink & sexy ukulele knitter

unashamedly I admit to teaching myself the Ukulele. My BF bought it for me for Xmas.
Its good for the spirit, hands and neighbours! Its a little bit quieter than the trumpet that I play from practice from time to time and it compliments my harmonica playing nicely too.
However I'm sure the banjo would go down quite well in some parts of our Black Bob, that's where the fur faces live.
See my new books...blush, I nearly did when I opened up the pages of 'Naughty Needles', love it and have already knitted a little critter, those that have the book will know which one so I wont elaborate as my mum sometimes takes a peek.
Domiknitrix is pretty good and I have ear marked a few things I'd like to make but Naughty Needles is such a great read, photo's and cute little outfits I wish this book had been around when I hit puberty instead of the 'Girls book on Etiquette' my mum gave me that my sister had from the early 50's!
Another great buy from Amazon was 'Easy Knitted Accessories' by Jeanette Trotman. Fantastic easy patterns that .
I'm slowly working on My 2007 projects list.....socks will definitely have to feature as I've so much sock yarn and if the evil Katt Walker, doesn't stop luring me into her ebay shop my sock yarn stash is going to implode!


Katt said...

I am often told I am evil when it comes to my sock wool ;-) Evil and a wicket temptress!!!

I plan on dyeing up more of different colours (got like 4 skeins, though only 3 are sock wool, to list) am planning on doing some of my more darker colours (gothic and elivra)...


Katt said...

wicked!! not wicket!! I am not a game of cricket! lol

blackie said...

no shame in the ukelele, we have a green one...although now looking at that pink one I think we've got the wrong colour!

Obsidian Kitten said...

i was wondering about that Naughty Needles book! so does it actually have things in it one might wish to knit? it looked like fun but i couldn't really tell much about it from the pics i saw online (pony play headpiece looked like fun, lol)

and don't berate the banjo, i love banjo! or else i will knit up a bullwhip and come after you with it.

msfortuknit said...

You are so super duper loved!!!

msfortuknit said...

ps and thankfully by someone that has good taste


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