in the meantime I've been working like a crazed person trying to finish off a few projects before I start back at work.
I kind of white lied a while back when in the PRGE questionnaire are I said I had no ufo's ....Well I don't believe they are if you keep picking them up and doing a row or two now and again as sooner or later you will finish them......but seems like I have built up quite a collection.
One of the more enjoyable projects have been another one of Sev's patterns...Frankinmitts.

here they are stashed away in my knitting bag along with a few other projects.
I purchased the Rowen Yorkshire tweed online through jannett'e rare yarns at ebay. The colours are 'whiskers', (the dark colour), and 'lime leaf' the lighter colour... boy there are some nice stiff there.

here is another project I'm working on. I bout this in kit form kpixie it's called and 'unbiased bag' and is made from the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen...recycled sari silk from Nepal.
It's nearly finished just one more panel and the strap to go.
The photo was taken very early one morning at our favorite beach in Howden....its good for gathering seaweed for the garden. But this morning we included a champagne breakfast.

Pig sporting a pair of ribbed fingerless mitts that I made for my brother Shane. These are perfect for him as he can keep his little fingers warm as he paints in his studio.
I'll post more pic's soon after I sort through all the vinatge knitting patterns I just bought from the market.


Sharon said...

Hey I love your new look, very you. What a talented family you are, I checked out your brothers work, wow!

Those mitts are great too, very blokey I may have to knit Mr Brickie some for winter.

Katt said...

Your non-ufos are looking the mitts...



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